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Problem with Controller Indide and Codesys

6 days ago
  • Schatten

    Schatten - 2005-09-30

    Hi, I have a communication problem between a Controller Inside made by Telemecanique and Codesys software v.2341. The problem is that it won't communicate on the RS232. The parameters were default 38400 baudrate parity:no COM1. If I change the baudrate I get a 33% quality for the first time I try to log, then 0%.

    I will paste below the log file:



    Instance=TODO: Lokal_

    Driver=Serial (RS232)

    Stop bits=1
    Motorola byteorder=No



    Created=2005-09-30 15:32:42.576
    Client=Local #0



    Terminated=2005-09-30 15:32:49.201


    Β΅s per read=Unknown
  • Schatten

    Schatten - 2005-10-01

    I have tried with a bluetooth device and works until the end of transfer, then it disconects with the same network error. This is very strange, no one has worked with controller inside before?

  • Schatten

    Schatten - 2005-10-06

    Problem solved, the cable was bad.

  • Schatten

    Schatten - 2005-10-10

    Ok now I have other question, altho I can see that no one worked with controller inside programmed by codesys. The controller has 4 words inside a PDO3 package that is sent on canopen as far as I know. What I do not now is the adresses of those 4 words, so I can send informations across the canopen network. Any ideas?


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