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Displaying dynamic values in the visualization window

  • mehdijamshidi

    mehdijamshidi - 2017-05-04

    How to Displaying dynamic values in the visualization window? For Example TON(Timer)

    IMG: codesys.jpg


    JAPIB - 2017-05-05

    Hello !
    In the category Text, in the text area write : %s
    In the category Variables, in the Displau area write the name of the variable you want to see. For exemple for a TON called MyTon, you can use MyTon.PV, MyTon.CV, ....
    Use the F2 key to choose the variable you want to write.

    This is described in "On line help, in the chapter CoDeSys Visualization -> Visuali=zation Elements, Configure -> Text.

    Best regard

  • mehdijamshidi

    mehdijamshidi - 2017-05-06

    Hi dear Mr.JAPIB
    Tankx for answer, pls put the your email address active, because i want send my project for you for setting Aleman
    Best regard


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