Load (or Read) File from PLC

  • Spartan10 - 2011-03-03

    New to Wago and new to the board. I have an existing (and functioning) PLC 750-841. I need to upload the configuration from the PLC (I do not have an offline configuration file saved). I've had some trouble connecting via Ethernet (another topic) so I connected via RS-232. After logging in, I select "Read File from PLC" and get the following error:

    The last online service has not been executed correctly!
    Servive number: 49, Error number: 80
    File "<filename>" could not be read.</filename>

    I also tried to upload the file by choosing File->Open->Open file from PLC and get the same error. What's going on?


  • mvkchowdaryfru - 2011-03-07

    Dear sir

    May be the source code was not downloaded.
    If this is not done, we cannot upload the program from PLC..!!

  • shooter - 2011-03-09

    this is impossible as the program is compiled on a computer and only the machinecode is sended to the PLC.
    So without a file on computer not possible to retrieve the program.

  • Insight - 2011-03-22

    Online -> Read file from PLC -> You have to specify exact file name (e.g. Project.pro) and you get it, but only if this file have been writen before (Online -> Write this file to PLC)

  • h4sanb - 2024-01-09

    I want to download program from existing PLC and upload to new PLC. How to do it?

  • ademarvribeiro - 2024-04-12

    Online -> Read file from PLC.
    Go online after download, sometimes the program Running and programm saved in PLC are diferent.


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