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A Generic Error Occurred in GDI+

  • JoseMaPerez

    JoseMaPerez - 2020-01-20


    I have two projects: C and I, and SEC. Both use the same version of Codesys, V3.5 SP15 patch 1. Both are running on identical PAC controllers. I can run the C and I project on my PC and stay logged in all day. However, for the SEC project, my CODESYS crashes after about 10 minutes after logging in. What I get is a:
    "Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application....
    A generic error occurred in GDI+"

    I'm trying to attach a text document with the details of the error. Can someone help me identify the issue I'm having with this project?

    Thank you!

    GDI error from 1 20 2020.txt [130.56 KiB]

    GDI error from 1 20 2020.txt [130.56 KiB]

  • JoseMaPerez

    JoseMaPerez - 2020-01-21

    I believe I figured it out. If I log in using the device name rather than the IP address, it stays logged in.



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