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analog outputs ramp up time?

  • gvanroey

    gvanroey - 2016-09-01


    i have a program programmed in CoDeSys V2.3.
    i have a problem with my analog output (%QW134).
    it seems to have a ramp up time.
    it starts at 0mA and go's slowly (+/- 3sec) up to te preconfigured value (stroom_kanaal_5 & 6).
    i have a HMI screen on my system as wel where i can read my actual mA on the output and i can see from the moment i activate my input (logische_sturing_boren.boorkop_draaien_rechts_actief) the current starts at 0 and go's up to the preconfigured value between 200mA and 550mA. it takes like 3 sec.

    i really need the proconfigured value immediatly on my output. is this programmable or it this rather a hardware problem?


    IMG: CoDeSys.jpg

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-09-04

    what type of module is connected to this %QW134?
    and what is on analog_01 ?

    for rest i do not trust DINT_to_WORD as the sign is lost so the MSB is not correct.

    btw as i am also dutch you may email me in nederlands.


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