PLC cofiguration with codesys v2.3

  • saimir

    saimir - 2014-03-07

    Hi all
    I just installed CODESYS V2.3 from free download area. I tried to start a project by configuring the hardware (assigning the inputs to the plc input cards) is this possible with the software downloaded for free or the software is just a demo?

  • shooter

    shooter - 2014-03-08

    in the demo version you can make a softplc, plcwinnt for example.
    use file,new then you have to fill in what type of hardware you like, for me it is wago, but in demo use any of the 3 possibilities.
    and now you can use a lot now,
    simpler is to do this in global variables.
    the demo will stop after 2 hours running.
    yes you may use %QW etc, you can develop all types of programs, and in the end have them compiled on a registered version.
    in school this way only one licence is needed.

  • sarathnr

    sarathnr - 2020-08-28

    hello. i have installed codesys V2.3. They have mentioned,soft plcwin NT demo version is also included. But i am not able to see such files.
    could you tell me, where to find softplc?


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