Anonymous - 2016-05-11

Originally created by: y2000rtc

Hello everybody,
I need your help. Now I have project "runway car with JET motor"
and I need to use encoder for to know where is arm with motor.
I'm using ifm CR0403 PLC which is working without any troubles on all projects
but now I'm in a trap. PLC configuration contain setting by EDS file for components on the CAN bus.
Encoder is connected, status LED is blinking like OK but module doesn't work. My, for me important, question
sounds: How to correctly configure EDS file in PLC configuration? Because I don't know what does it mean
"write DCF", "creat all SDO's", "optional device",... Hot to correctly set device over PLC config for normal using of SDO?
What is necessary to switch on among posibilities: emergency telegram, heartbeat settings,... Which value must be there?
This is my trap. I must have project in couple of days done but encoder doesn't work. Output is UDINT.
Type of encoder is IFM RN7012.

If you can, please help me.

Thx, Zdenek