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Connection problems

Andy Parry
  • Andy Parry

    Andy Parry - 2006-03-26

    I am having problems connecting to an IFM e-controller using CoDeSys v2.2. We are an OEM and are experiencing connection problems using HP Compaq nc6120 laptops. We bought these laptops specifically because they have Serial ports, and have had problems with USB - serial convertors in the past. We are able to connect using an old Toshiba but not with the Compaqs. Has any one experienced similar problems or does anyone have any suggestions.

    Many Thanks

  • orcan.paul

    orcan.paul - 2006-04-05

    Have you fixed the properties of the serial port as in toshiba


    The baud rate

    The parity

    the stop bits

    And in HP machine what is the no of your serial port ,is it COM1 as was in TOshiba.




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