tebalto - 2022-01-04


it seems a very simple problem but I have been searching for a long time for a solution.
I'm using Codesys V2.3 as beeing installed by the ABB Automation Builder. I'm using an ABB PM554ETH PLC.

I created a very simple PLC_VISU made of a button and a rectangle.
The button is associated to a global variable (BOOL) that, in a CFC program, goes directly to another global variable (BOOL) associated with a color change of the rectangle.

The webserver is properly configured. I download everything on the PLC and run. From the simulation tab (in Codesys) everything works as expected: 1 click on the button (that stays pressed) changes the color of the rectangle. Another click returns the button up and the rectangle is restored to its original color.
If I try to access to the webvisu.htm using Internet Explorer (correct Java version with safety exceptions configured) I can see the correct interface (button + rectangle) and the status of the items is following the situation we have in the simulation environment (for example button pressed and light on).
If I try to interact from the webpage, after clicking on the button, it immediately returns up and the status of he rectangle is never changed. I tried inserting in the interface also a simple slider and the effect is the same: I can move the cursor by one click only and then it returns in the center, unless I move it from the simulation and the webpage shows its new position.
If I insert also other objects that must show the value of a variable, they work fine. My problem is on the INPUT only.

Am I missing something fundamental to get this working?
I tried analyzing many videos on the web but I see that in all the cases I found, what can be done in simulation (regarding button press) should be possible also by the webpage.

Thanks for your support.


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