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Run time errors in Gateway.exe

  • anverheul

    anverheul - 2006-03-16

    I'm consistently getting run time errors in Gateway.exe:


    • pure virtual function

    After that, Gateway.exe crashes, so no communication with target possible.

    Is there anyone that knows what's causing them?

    AFAIK calling pure virtual functions is a programming error in the Gateway.exe.

    Arie N. Verheul

  • anverheul

    anverheul - 2006-03-20

    It seems that the problem has to do with installation/configuration of my PC. On another PC there's no problem.

    Is there any list of DLLs (including versions), registry entries that are used by Gateway.exe, so that I can check a few things?


    Arie N. Verheul


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