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  • sampazzer

    sampazzer - 2017-08-04

    Hi all.

    I'm carrying out a home project for a greenhouse automation system and I'm after some advice.

    I don't want to spend a fortune on a PLC and I haven't got the time to e-mail every supplier for their prices as it seems to be a industry secret between the different companies. (I am planning on running a test system on a rasp pi with the pi codesys plugin but this may become a product that goes to market and therefore the pi might just not cut it)

    I'm only after about 10 analogue IO (this could even be I2C if needs be) 10 dig in and 10 dig out. Would be nice if this could also be expandable if I require it.

    Anyone had any success with a cheaper PLC supported by codesys? something around £100 mark would be nice. I need web visu to be supported and also HMI if possible. So it needs at least Ethernet connectivity.

    Thanks all in advance!!!!

  • Anonymous - 2017-08-15

    Originally created by: scott_cunningham

    I work in the industrial world and I think you will have trouble finding any solution with the "industrial" suppliers for that kind of price range. For an industrial PLC that programs with CoDeSys, you probably start at $250 lowest end (most of these in the USA will program is some form of ladder, not CoDeSys). I/O will add $50 to $150 per module, minimum. If you are looking to offer a solution for sale in the "real world", you will need proper I/O modules that have protection against noise, incorrect wiring, bad sensors, etc. - I don't think Rasp Pi add-on boards do that, but then I only know about the Rasp Pi's price.

  • louisledee

    louisledee - 2018-01-20

    Have you found your answer yet?

    Take a look into the raspberry pi using the codesys. With it you can use the i2c devices of your choice or buy an existing hat.

    You can get the raspberry pi setup for around $40 and the hat for around $30 but you will need more IO. There is a hat that will do you some good, check out one made by sequential micro systems on Kickstarter, it's I2C and stackable.


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