ealonso135 - 2017-12-15


Ive gotten a trouble with a plc festo, (These plc works with coedsys 2.3 version) I wonder someone of you has stumble with the same trouble, when you connect to the plc, and upload from plc the program thats is working, then you try to go online, appears a window saying that the program has changed, (when compiling program errors did not appear, and I did not changes at all). Last time I downlad the program and the comms between the HMI and the plc got lost for a while, I turned off and turn on the plc and started to work again, (Almost an hour) later comms got back, and the machine worked.

In the codesys manual you can fint it as follows:

"„The program has been changed. Load changes? (ONLINE CHANGE)".
The project is running on the controller. The target system supports 'Online Change' and the project
has been altered on the controller with respect to the most recent download or the most recent Online
Change. You may now decide whether these changes should be loaded with the controller program
running or whether the command should be cancelled. You can also, however, load the entire
compiled code by selecting the Load all button."

I need modifications on the code, but Im not shure If I could do that cause the comms would get lost? I do the same with other plc and does not do the same. If changes has occured, what changes could it be?

Thanks in advance