mckeevew - 2019-03-15

Hello. I'm currently Codesys 2.3 along with a Wago-IPC-C6(758-874/000-131). I'm trying to find a way use dynamically generated bitmaps for QR Codes of machine status in a target visualization. So we want to have the Linux system in the back end generate a bitmap of current systems status and have Codesys display this image. A previous person working on this project before me was able to achieve this using the bitmap list. The problem he ran into was that the systems cache would eventual overflow as once the image was displayed it saved permanently to the cache. I have tried using the SysLibTargetVisu.lib to see if i could get manually get bitmaps displaying without saving them to the cache but i have not been able to get this library to do much of anything from the little documentation I could find.

I was wondering if anyone had some insights in how to clear the Codesys system cache or display a bitmap without saving it to the system cache to begin with.

Sorry for the wall of text and thanks in advance for any help or insight provided.