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Scaling of numbers in text boxes

  • spfeif

    spfeif - 2005-07-25


    Here is what I would like to accomplish.

    All of our variables in the PLC are of type integer. We use no floating point types.

    We would like to use the visualization to be able to change configuration variables online.

    So as an example the speed of the machine may be a percent stored in an integer. The maintanence personel needs to enter a value between 0-100.0. In the PLC the value 1000 would be stored but displayed to the maintanence personel through the visualization as 100.0.

    I have read that I can multiply,divide,add,subtract vaues in a text box as well as place a minimum and maximum threshold and use sprintf type formats, but this is read only. I can't write values in this text box.

    So is there any way to perform this action with the visualization? I would also like to store values in a file for transfer to other machines.

    Thank you

  • Manfred Werner

    Manfred Werner - 2005-08-08

    Hello Steve,

    scaling of input (write) values in the visualisation is indeed not possible.

    You can enter minimum and maximum values, but if you have to transform a value with a scaling factor, this must be done within the PLC program.


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