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Placeholder concept and Programmability

  • anverheul

    anverheul - 2005-06-01


    I tried to use the placeholder concept in combination with programmability.

    Background info:


    About placeholder concept (from manual): At each location in the configuration dialog at which variables or text are entered, a placeholder can be set in place of the respective variable or text.

    About programmability: this generates variables of type VisualObjectType that can be used to configure visualisation elements.



    I'm using CoDeSys in combination with Advantech WinCE based IPCs.



    It seems that it's not possible to specify an placeholder like $TEST$ as the object name for programmability.

    Doing this causes compiler errors, and also it's not possible to specify the placeholder replacements.

    What am I doing wrong? Manual says that placeholders can be used anywhere in the configuration dialog.


    Arie N. Verheul

  • Michael Pfob

    Michael Pfob - 2005-06-01

    Hello anverheul,

    this seems to be a bug in the CoDeSys manual. There are some things to configure that will not be replaced by the placeholder concept.

    One of these configurations is the name of the object for programmability. Another configuration is the path to the bitmap in a bitmap object for example.

    So, it is not possible to use a placeholder as the object name for programmability.

    A workaround could be to define your own user defined type that contains only these configurationoptions that you really want to configure. Then define a array of these structures, and configure the elements with the members of your own type and use placeholders for indices in the array.

    I hope that helps you solve your problem.

  • anverheul

    anverheul - 2005-06-03


    This is a good suggestion indeed!

    Thanks very much.

    Arie N. Verheul


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