CoDeSys Project File Format Change

  • dbh

    dbh - 2005-08-02

    Most of my customers started using CoDeSys with version

    We are now using some latesst versions in developement. some of our customers are also usdated to the new versio. We found that projects created on the new version are not compatible on older version 2.3.x.x as wel. It is many times obvious that the end customers does not have latest version and they try to open projects developed on new version and face this problem.

    Can I know exactly where did the format change took place? Which is the minimum version that will support the new file format? This will help us in handling the situation more precisely.


  • Manfred Werner

    Manfred Werner - 2005-08-02

    Dear Mr. Hambardikar,

    with in a version of CoDeSys (2.3 for example) the project file format does not change. It should be no problem opening a made project with your version

    In general, we garantee compatibility to older versions.

    With 2.3.4 you could still open a 1.0 project.

    The file format may change (and normally does) with the next version.

    The problems you mention would therefore be a bug.

    Please send a description with attached example project to our Support.

    Best regards,

    Manfred Werner


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