"incorrect" using of PLCHandler

  • eugenee

    eugenee - 2017-04-13


    Description: there is a connection from my App to PLC through PLCHandler (v3.5.8.0)
    Then i make call SyncReadVarsFromPlc(char ppszSymbols,...) several (or many) times which allocates variable list(s).
    And each time I
    accidentally forget to call SyncReadVarsFromPlcReleaseValues()**
    I understand that I am totally wrong, but when I close the connection to PLC the following can be seen:
    1) in case of OEM HARDWARE PLC (ARM,CoDeSyS Runtime 3.5.SP6, QNX 6.5.0) - CPU Usage is up to 100%, established network connections to PLC are still working, new network connections are failed; such runtime behavior lasts in proportion to the number of SyncReadVarsFromPlc calls; then (after runtime release and clean resources?) PLC returns to normal working state.
    2) in case of CODESYS Control Win V3 SoftPLC(Windows 7x64, CoDeSyS 3.5.SP6) - CPU Usage of ServiceControl.exe (Service for starting/stopping the services of CODESYS Control Win V3 and CODESYS Gateway Service V3) is up to 30%, established network connections to SoftPLC are still working, new network connections are failed; normal working state of ServiceControl.exe may be restored only after service restart.

    Solution is clear - to call SyncReadVarsFromPlcReleaseValues.
    But why does runtime make so high CPU Usage during resource cleanup of the closed PLCHandler connection?

  • gingomkc

    gingomkc - 2017-04-14


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