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RTIOwdmPCAN driver in SP RTE

  • Noe

    Noe - 2005-08-29


    My name is Noe and I just started to learn CoDeSys. My question is why when I launch the CoDeSys SP RTE and I go to system\IO drivers I cannot find the drivers of my PEAK CAN PCI (they are already installed). How could I have access to my PCI? It is possible to read the PDO's in runtime system or it is necessary to do it in runtime realtime?

    FOr more info, what I'm trying to do is to connect with a BK5151 Beckhoff module to read IO signals.

    Thanks a lot, because I really need some help.


  • Andreas Fauter

    Andreas Fauter - 2005-09-06

    Hi Noe,

    normally the driver should be displayed after you installed the hardware.

    But only if the hardware is installed by using the inf-File and driver that is distributed together with the RTE-Setup in the directory W2k_XP Drivers.

    I think you installed the original PEAK-driver that is distributed together with the card. In that case you will have to uninstall it. Therefore first uninstall it with the hardwaremanager, then remove the following registry-key \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\PCANPCI (or similar, like this).

    No you have to prevent the system from automatically installing the driver on the next boot again by removing the corresponding OEMxx.inf and OEMxx.pnf-files. You can find out the right ones by opening the OEMxx.inf files one after the other in a notepad until you found the one that belonges to PEAK.

    Then reboot the machine and the hardwareassistant will appear hopefully. Now install the card using the inf-file from the RTE-Setup-directory (or a subdirectory for the PEAK-card).

    Good luck.


  • Noe

    Noe - 2005-09-14

    Right on target.

    Thanks a lot


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