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  • marcocolombo-66

    marcocolombo-66 - 2022-05-02

    I'm trying to use the Controlle_PID from the ControlLoopLibrary
    How is it possible to reset the KI action?
    Once the SP and PV are the same the output of the controller stilla shows a value. If I set to 0 the KI value the output goes to 0. Attached the Controller_PID user in a ladder program with an output value and with SP and PV that are the same.

  • sgronchi

    sgronchi - 2022-05-02

    Well, that's how a PID works.
    The integral action charges up in order to sustain the PV value: when the error is zero, derivative and proportional action are zero, and the only thing that keeps the process value from going back to its equilibrium is the integral action.


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