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problems with dde interface

  • braggia

    braggia - 2005-09-14

    hy to everybody,

    my name is Enrico a telecommunication Engeneer, very new in this word so i thought that somebody could help me.

    I'm use Codesys software and I would like to know if it is possible to assign to one variable (VAR), declared on my .pro, one value of one registrer of one .XLS file.

    I tried to read the manual and it seems that I have to use DDE Interface but I didn't get it.

    Someone can explain me something?

    Someone can give me some exemple.

    My mail is e ebraggion@regaber.com e

    Thank you very much.


  • Anonymous - 2005-11-02

    Originally created by: Frank Hailer


    it's possible to get variable values from a PLC into an excel sheet by DDE or by OPC access. Two examples are enclosed to this entry (the DDE example documentation is currently only available in german language). The general OPC or DDE configuration is described in the manual and the online help of CoDeSys.

    Bye, Frank Hailer

    Examples.zip [100.17 KiB]


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