Runtime Error: Wrong Array Index! Pls Open Callstack!

  • szcinbj2011

    szcinbj2011 - 2011-04-12

    Hi, everyone! Here's a phenomenon I don't quite understand.

    In SIMULATION MODE, I try to run my project, then a dialog box appears, saying"Runtime Error: Wrong Arrry Index! Please Open Callstack".
    I opened the callstack, it point to a line in a task, but I don't find anything weird in that line.
    I make some change in the program, still error, and this time the callstack point to a line without a word!

    If someone knows this phenomenon, pls tell me what is the reason! thanks!


    IMG: Error.JPG

  • kberlin

    kberlin - 2011-04-12


    Can you possibly post the project too? Or copy and paste the part of the code that gives the problem?


  • shooter

    shooter - 2011-04-18

    your program setting not correct, or the arrays are too big to hold, and they will overflow inside another memory area.

    another one can be not closing your subroutines correct, like use the exit wrong, it will grow your stack.

  • sarathnr

    sarathnr - 2020-07-17

    when i try to run my project, it turns up with a dialog box which sayd runtime error: Wrong array index, open call stack. when i opened call stack is showed a line 31 but i didn't find anything wrong in that line. kindly, let me know what is the exact reason behind it. Thanks in advance.


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