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Text variable with Digits

  • mawaloc

    mawaloc - 2019-11-08

    Hello to all

    With Codesys V3.5

    I'm trying to visualize a text variable.

    For that I did a "box" where as
    - Text I've used %i m
    - Text variable My variable that is a REAL

    But In that case what is shown as text is only number before the digit.

    Example :
    - My variable 0.0555 => show 0 => I would like to see 0.05
    - My variable 1.355 => show 1 => I would like to see 1.35

    Thank you for help

  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2019-11-08

    Use %.2f instead %i.

  • mawaloc

    mawaloc - 2019-11-08

    Thank You => It's work good


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