jakaba - 2021-04-29

Hey all,

I'm working with the XSOFT-Codesys 2.3.9 and need some help.

Is there any solution how i can copy a directory(folder) from a USB-Stick to the internal storage (CF-Card) of the PLC? I saw something about sysprocess to run a script (what i cant find under help text) and something about the "syslibfile" and "syslibdir" librarys. If i am right, these can be used to copy one file, but not to copy the whole folder with all files inside.

Otherwise when I am using SysDirOpen to open the folder, SysDirRead to read the files inside the folder and save them to DirectoryInfo. Save the filenames in an array and use this information to use SysFileCopy to copy the selected file to the internal storage, and SysFileRename to rename it to the Oldname.

Is this possible to do?

I am very grateful for any help to solve my problem.