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CAN Open Configuration Differences between systems.

  • jking22

    jking22 - 2006-07-25

    Please see the attached files Screenshot1.jpg and Screenshot2.jpg

    The first project (ScreenShot1.jpg) seems to handle CAN Open communication much better than the second(ScreenShot2.jpg). The Codesys versions are the same (V2.3.6.1). One of the biggest difference I See is that the first one (ScreenShot1.jpg) doesn’t have a base parameters window. When I was given the original project (ScreenShot2.jpg), the window looked the same. By deleting and re-adding the entries (EDS Files), I ended up with the different appearance. My colleague’s pc (ScreenShot2.jpg) is unable to make these same changes.

    Also in Screenshot1 PC the "CAN Parameters Tab" Has More options.

    Does anyone have a similar experience.

    IMG: ScreenShot1.jpg

    IMG: ScreenShot2.jpg

  • Andreas Fauter

    Andreas Fauter - 2006-07-25

    There are settings in the configurator, that are configurable and some of them are stored in the project.

    The configuration of the PLC-Configuration-editor is stored in the .cfg-File that is shipped with the target-description, provided by the PLC vendor.

    If the target (so the .cfg-File) while a project exists, the appearance will first stay the same but when you add a new node for example, the view may change.

    Or in other words: You may have changed on one of the PCs the target installation.

  • jking22

    jking22 - 2006-07-25

    Seems to answer the question.



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