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Connecting to Rexroth RC6_9_20

  • bjornas

    bjornas - 2017-01-11

    I am trying to etablish a connection to a Rexroth RC6_9_20 with Bodas Design 3.0.17.
    I want to read out the program from the RC, and save it on my Computer
    Could someone please tell me if there is a kind of tutorial here at this forum how to set this up?
    Here is what I do:
    File - Open - Open project from PLC - PLC - Target Setting _ RC6-9 20 Standard V1.9 - Interface - Peak PCAN-USB - Devicetype RC4-6/22 - Scan

    I cannot connect, any ideas what`s wrong?

    Thanks in advance !

  • shooter

    shooter - 2017-01-12

    The project must be saved on the device, otherwise it is impossible to open it.
    a program is compiled in the PC and send to the PLC as a machinelanguage, so you can not download from the device as a compiled file is unreadable (for the most people)

  • bjornas

    bjornas - 2017-01-12

    Thanks for information!

  • bjornas

    bjornas - 2017-01-13

    Ok, so I`ve been able to connect to the RC.
    Used Bodas Service 3.5 to flash an existing HEX. file into the RC, and then downloaded a test program.
    When opening Bodas design after doing a "rebuild all" I got a message "Not found HEX-File:C:\ xxx\xxxx"
    Have I done something wrong here?
    I could go online without problems.....

  • shooter

    shooter - 2017-01-15

    this is outside the scope of codesys,
    however have a look at settings if the compiler makes a correct hex file and obvious where it is stored.
    check the project directory.

  • bjornas

    bjornas - 2017-01-15

    Thanks, I will try!


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