What 'Too many recursions in the interpolator' error message means?

  • pnn

    pnn - 2016-09-30


    I have a CNC program (attached) created with DXF import. It works fine.
    But if I add a pair of G52(round path) - G50(end of round path) commands to it and try to save it (Write CNC program to file), Codesys 2.3 displays the following message

    Error during interpolation

    The program causes the following error while interpolating:
    Too many recursions in the interpolator
    Cancel Saving?

    Yes No

    Then if I execute the CNC program, it is processed OK - angles are rounded, drives follow the path, everything looks fine....... but M-commands are not executed.
    If I remove the G52 / G50 commands, everything goes back to normal and M-commands are processed.

    Any idea why this happens? Are the PLC resources insufficient to handle the path with roundings?
    And more important, is there any way to handle this?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    I use Codesys provided by Festo, with Festo PLC CPX-CEC-M1

    CNC_test.txt [2.53 KiB]

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-09-30

    it makes to many calcs, lower the precision

  • pnn

    pnn - 2016-10-02

    thank you for the reply, but how do you modify precision?
    Do you mean the Extras / Set epsilon values... menu, or something else?

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-10-03

    you will need to have a balance between precision and result.

  • pnn

    pnn - 2016-10-05

    OK, thanks.
    But how do you change precision?


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