Change Timer Preset Value through HMI

  • logix

    logix - 2007-01-16


    I am trying to change the preset of a timer on delay through an HMI. I am doing everthing in simulation mode. I can get to the part where i click on the preset time to change it, and a num pad will appear. The problem is the preset time wont change when i hit ok on the numpad window.

  • Ralph Holz

    Ralph Holz - 2007-01-18

    Hi logix,

    to change a value from type TIME you must use the keypad because you must type in the IEC format like T#5s500ms. If you want to change a time value by using the visualization i suggest

    1. use a INT variable

    2. use in your Visualization this Variable

    3. multiply the INT by 1000 (if you want to have seconds as unit)

    4. use Typecast INT_TO_TIME

    5. connect the result to the PT input of the timer



  • chrbacek

    chrbacek - 2020-03-26

    Hello Ralph Holz,

    I'm new to Codesys and working on my first codesys PLC. I have a TP Timer and I want to be able to change and set the setpoint from my HMI. How do I go about using a INT variable and everything else you have on the list


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