Erase big Array of Real


    BIZON - 2019-09-29

    Good day,
    Can you help me correct erase (set Zero) in every case of array.
    Array it seems to me very big for PLC cycle. About 500 , 500 LREal.
    How possible correct erase all array? Because i try use For Cycle in main program and my plc lose connection.
    And second question possible this array save like Recipe ? I tried it and sometime correct worked sometimes not working, but plc dont lose connection like in first case.

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2019-10-01

    You could try the MemUtils library function Memset()

    Might be safer to pack the array into a function block and call instance_name.FB_INIT()

    If they take too long, you might have to do it over several scans, have a xDone flag.


    BIZON - 2019-10-02

    I think Function from library i can not define in program.
    What my mistakes, help please?

    IMG: SysMemLib.png

    IMG: SysMemLib.png


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