muhq - 2023-08-26

I am quite new to Codesys and I try to do a Profinet connection to an Siemens PLC (315-2DP) with CP343-1 Lean Modul. I already configured the Siemens PLC, exported the GSDML.
Then I added a new project in Codesys, added following moduls:
- Ethernet
- PN_Controller
- Imported Profinet Device via GSDML importer

When I start the programm everything looks fine but I always get the message "Stopped Profinet" and no data is available

This is only for a small test. Therefore I start to do that on a Windows 10 with Development System. Later I will try to realize this on Raspberry.

  • Ethernet Adapter is configured ( / 24)
  • Firewall deactivated
  • WinPCap is installed
  • S7-Station seems to be found ('fuadazenzitest')

Can please somebody help me?