Jay - 2012-02-10

Does anyone else use Function Blocks Method calls with FBD or Ladder? OOP is a great addition to the traditional PLC-programming, but there still seems to be few problems with it. Atleast when not using Structured Text.

One problem with FBD/LD is that when you make a Method call, you cannot double-click it or use "Go to the definition" to jump directly to the Method's definition (applies both to offline and online situations). Instead it takes you to the frame of Function Block. This is a problem especially when FB is coming from a Library.

With Structured Text there is no problem, as you can right-click either on FB definition part or Mether definition part of e.g. "fbControl.Start()".

This problem doesn't affect how the program is running, but has great impact in development and monitoring (maintanance). Or does someone know how this problem can be "cured"?