marspcb - 2020-08-06

My post might be in the wrong section , I am new to the forum so please bear with me.

We have a RPI 3B+ running Codesys , working fine .
We need to communicate with a serial device at a baudrate of 250 000 bps in 'data' mode - not text or modbus .

At the moment we use a FTDI usb-serial adapter and we can set the comport and baudrate at 250000 and use it in a small Phyton -m program . We can receive the data at said baudrate and have no errors during compile or during run .

We can test serial data flow up to 230400 bps and it works fine .

However - in the Codesys IDE we can only set the baudrate to the "standard" baudrates (9600 ,,,, 115200 , 230400 ) .

Please advise if and how to set the usb serial so that Codesys will accept non standard baudrates - specific 250000 bps .

Thanks for your help.