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Connect CODESYS to Excel trough OPC UA

  • rrrod

    rrrod - 2021-05-28

    Dear colleagues,
    Do we have any example of excel working as OPC UA client where we can raise the variables of a CODESYS 3.5.12 program for example?

    I have seen in the Schneider page that there is an example but it is with OPC DA.

    I am looking for an example of an excel file that works as an OPC client.

    I have seen that in the market programs like OPCExpert offer this functionality but they are paid.

    Do you have an example?

    Thank you very much!


  • abner

    abner - 2021-06-01

    Hi rrrod,
    Time ago I uploaded a video on Youtube where I share some variables with Codesys and Excel via OPC using dOPC Explorer.
    I leave the link, maybe could help you...


    • rrrod

      rrrod - 2021-06-01

      Hi Carlos,
      Excelente ejemplo muchas gracias. He llegado hasta ka parte de dopc puedo ver ahi las variables todo correcto. En esta ocasion estoy utilizando OPCUA que ya viene integrado en un CPX-E PLC Festo cuando ingreso al Rensen Cliente OPC no se como configurar para que funcione con OPCUA. Sabes si este cliente funciona con OPCUA o solo con OPCDA. Luego de eso el video se ve bastante simple en solo copiar la variable y pegarla dentro de Excel. Muchas gracias


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