C0140 - Symbol File Error

  • ndzied2

    ndzied2 - 2021-02-05


    When compiling a project I get errors with the following message relating to my symbol configuration. I originally had some structures in the symbol file and thought it was related to them but I have made a smaller test project that only has one BOOL, one INT and one REAL in the symbol file and I still get this error.

    The Target is an Eaton XV100 HMI/PLC
    Using Eaton XSOFT-CoDeSys V3.5.16 Bugfix 1

    [ERROR] E12175_JSW_COREPULL: Symbol Configuration Device: PLC Logic: Application: C0140: Reference assign is only allowed to variables of reference type
    Build complete -- 3 errors, 0 warnings : No download possible

  • ndzied2

    ndzied2 - 2021-02-08

    I went back to 3.5.12 and it works. There may be a bug in 3.5.16 BF1 or it may be specific to the target I am using?


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