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Why not Visual Studio Code?

  • mondinmr

    mondinmr - 2021-12-28

    Port CODESYS development system to an extension in VS Code could be very good.
    Code management is much more better.

  • ndzied2

    ndzied2 - 2021-12-29

    I see how this would work for the Structured Text and IL languages but I don't see a way that VS Code could support Ladder, FB and CFC.?

    • mondinmr

      mondinmr - 2022-01-12

      LD is dead for me, like jurassic dinosaurs, but it's supported by an existing plugin!


      Last edit: mondinmr 2022-01-12
  • somlioy

    somlioy - 2022-01-09

    I dont see why it wouldnt be possible to use VS Code, when bechoff has based their environment on Visual Studio.


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