How to check if any alarms haven't been acknowledged?

  • DavidBo

    DavidBo - 2019-12-17

    I have one window with alarm view created with alarm configuration and the Alarm Manager.
    I have another window in which i want a red lamp in case there are any unacknowledged alarms.
    Is it possible to get this status from the AlarmManager in an easy way?

  • dkugler

    dkugler - 2019-12-17

    Originally created by: D. Kugler

    in the Alarm Class you can set notification actions. Set and reset a bool variable, which control your lamp:

    IMG: ActiveAlarm.JPG

  • DavidBo

    DavidBo - 2019-12-18

    Thanks. That was what I was looking for

  • dkugler

    dkugler - 2019-12-18

    Originally created by: D. Kugler

    I tested it this evening and got it only with the acknoledge methode "ACK" working as aspected:
    One or more alarms get active. The variable is set to TRUE. If one or more alarms are still active during acknolege, the variable should be still set or set again to TRUE. Works only with this settings:

    IMG: ActiveAlarm1.JPG


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