DavidCozens - 2013-10-29

I wish to be able to parse an XML file from an IEC function block as an asynchronous activity. I have been looking in CmpXMLParser and the only interfaces exposed for this is CreateXMLParser2, _ and FreeXMLParser. _ is a blocking interface, and deals with the whole XML file in one go. I need to spread the load over multiple block updates.

When I look in the CmpXMLParseItf file there is another XML parsing interface declared that we have successfully used in a runtime component CreateXMLParser, _ and FreeXMLParser. This interface takes a buffer containing a portion of the xml file and parses just that chunk. If I combine this with the SysFileAsync library I should be able to achieve what I need.

The problem appears to be that the library does not offer access to the functions in this interface. How can I call these interface functions from IEC code.