vivan - 2019-10-07

I have a project (originally developed in Schneider Electric SoMachine) that's an archive created in Schnieder Electric's Machine Expert. It was opened and compiled in CODESYS in order to run Static Analysis (SA). It appears that SA0162 (Missing comments) is reported for some of the DUTs (ENUM) but not for other, while all DUTs are missing comments.

I have noticed that if a non-reported DUT (ENUM) is copied and pasted, SA will report SA0162 (Missing comments) on the pasted DUT, and sometimes also the original will be reported even though nothing was changed there.

If the original DUT is removed and the copy renamed to the same as the original, the problem reappears, i.e. SA0162 is not reported any more when it should be.

This inconsistency seems to be a bug. Can it be the case?

What is the procedure to report a bug in SA?

Software used:
CODESYS V3.5 SP15 Patch 1 + (64 bit)
CODESYS Static Analysis
Schneider Electric Machine Expert 1.1