hhuebner - 2020-06-24

Hello everyone
I would like to use PlantUML diagrams as an additional element for the library documentation.

There is a Sphinx extension for this.

I have tried the following:

  • A directory "sphinxcontrib" was created in the directory "<Codesys installation directory>\CODESYS\DocScripting\\contrib".
  • The file "plantuml.py" was copied to "<Codesys installation directory>\CODESYS\DocScripting\\contrib\sphinxcontrib".
  • The file "plantuml.jar" has been copied to "c:\plantuml\plantuml.jar".
  • The file "<Codesys installation directory>\CODESYS\DocScripting\\templates\conf.py" has been modified as follows:

    • The section "extensions" has been extended by "'sphinxcontrib.plantuml',"
    • The section "plantuml" was added with the value "'java -jar c:\plantuml\plantuml.jar'"

    The sections of the configuration:

    extensions = ['sphinx.ext.todo',
                  # 'sphinx.ext.intersphinx',
                  # 'sphinx.ext.extlinks',

    todo_include_todos = False

    plantuml = 'java -jar c:\plantuml\plantuml.jar'

Unfortunately it is still not possible to use the ".. uml::" directive. The error "Unknown directive type uml" is always reported.

Am I doing something wrong or is it impossible to use Sphinx extensions with Codesys?

Many Thanks!