missing files while creating offline boot application

  • Thomas233

    Thomas233 - 2019-02-21


    I want to create the files for a boot application with a script for later software deployment on one or multiple plc.
    I use the function: "app.create_boot_application(path,True,True)"
    So long this works great. I get the application.app, application.crc files and visu files etc.

    But when i have ethercat in the project this boot application does not run the ethercat.
    I assume that with the script engine not all files for the boot application are created. Because when i use the UI-button to create the bootapplication i get an additional File:
    and Folders:

    Is there a way to get this with scripts?

    (I am using Lenze PLC Designer 3.15 working on Codesys 3.5.9)

    Thanks and best regards.

  • Thomas233

    Thomas233 - 2019-10-14

    I think the reason for this behavior is because Lenze modified the command to create a boot app in their IDE GUI, but not in the script engine.

    In system.commands i found two commands to create a boot application.
    One seems to be the command called with IScriptApplication2.create_boot_application Method documented in the API. With this i only get the .app and crc. files and not the ecat_master_0_boot.xml.

    But the second command is named "Erzeuge Bootapplikation für Lenze Geräte" seems to be the euqivalent to the GUI button.
    I called it like this and it works and creates all the files in the output path:

    Only downsite: I dont know if this supports the other two bool parameters (bool update_compile_info,bool write_visu_files). I tried to call it with (path,True,True) but didn't work.


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