CNCprepro2Dir multiple CNC possible

  • martinus1971

    martinus1971 - 2011-10-17

    Hello to you all,

    As a noob i'm working with codesys V3 and i like what i am seeing.

    Now i'm trying the CNCprepro2Dir and its working fine.... i would like to know if its possible to chose between different cnc program's(read drawings) from your visualisation. For instance when i choose picture 1 the NCdecoder will decode drawing 1 and when i choose picture 2 the NCdecoder will decode drawing 2.

    I can change the input NCprgname on the NCdecoder function block with codesys, but i want it to be canged by my visualisations.

    Does annyone has experience with this an would he like to share this

    Allready thanks for the help


  • martinus1971

    martinus1971 - 2011-10-18


  • timvh

    timvh - 2011-10-18

    If I understand you correctly you want to make the ncprog selectable.
    Just create a new variable of the type SMC_CNC_REF.
    In your visualization create some buttons with an input to write the desired ncprog to the variable SMC_CNC_REF.
    This variable is the input of your FB.

  • martinus1971

    martinus1971 - 2011-10-20

    Hello TimvH,

    Sorry for the late reaction..... to much work in to litle time

    That's excacly what i mean .... i hope i have the time to try it out the comming weekend

    i'l keep you posted

    Thanks for your help so far


  • martinus1971

    martinus1971 - 2011-10-25

    Hello TimvH,

    i have tried it this weekend, unfortunaly did not get it to work.

    Made a new Variable of the type smc_cnc_ref and made a button in my visual.
    When the button is pressed a bool is made true and i write a variable to my new made variable SMC_CNC_ref witch
    is the input for NCprog on the function NCdecoder.

    What am i doing wrong?


  • martinus1971

    martinus1971 - 2011-10-25

    Hi there,

    I found the problem

    The boolean witch i used to load the cnc data in the SMC_CNC_ref was left on true, this way it kept on loading
    and the block never became ready to use.

    Fixed it and now its working

    Thanks for helping




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