codesystart - 2021-12-09


I am working on codesys visualizations & trying to solve a problem.

I have a Main_Visu(Type is visualization) & a Dialog_Visu(Type is Dialog). I have defined the number of instances of Dialog_Visu as 4 in the settings (As i want to read data from lets say 4 sensors for example).

Inside Dialog_Visu i have a table which could be having different values from 4 different sensors. Now i want to see different values from all 4 sensors simultaneously at the same time on the Main_Visu screen(That is why i have 4 instances).

I call this Dialog_Visu from Main_Visu using Open Dialog feature on a full Mouse click event.

But the problem is i can only call a single dialog (Dialog_Visu) from the main screen (Main_Visu), as i dont know waht are the names of other instances (instances of Dialog_Visu). How do i call different instances??

I have tried to see every example project available in the codesys store, but without any success as none of them have multiple instances of a dialog.

Please let me know if anybody can help me with this.