RaspberryPI and Codesys license

  • razvoj

    razvoj - 2021-03-21

    Hello everyone,

    I have developed a system on Codesys and I am using RaspberryPI (Codesys Contro for Raspberry PI). Maybe in the future it could be a comercial system. But today I saw this:

    Yes, I use the license exclusively for non-commercial purposes, in the field of education and research or for evaluation.

    What does this mean that license can not be used for comercial purposes? So all the systems that have been developed on codesys are not not usable because of this?


  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2021-03-21

    The similarly named CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi MC SL does not have that license restriction.

    I randomly visited this page yesterday, and had to laugh at the image they chose: https://www.raspberrypi.org/for-industry/
    "Do you have unsightly cable management with improperly installed cable ties? Why not mount some Raspberries at odd angles to this hot mess!"

  • yannickasselin

    yannickasselin - 2021-04-01

    Hi, I just noticed the same thing. Does that mean that it is OK to use the Raspberry Pi MC SL for commercial use?

    What about the BeagleBone? It does not seem to have this restriction.

    What about the forthcoming generic ARM Linux license?

    I would really like to get an answer because I am planning to use one of these license in a commercial product so I would like to chose the right one.

    Thank you.


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