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OPCUA_Client can't connect

  • weii - 2021-09-28

    I tried to use OPC UA client Example to connect it with OPC UA Simulation Server.
    But they can’t continue when they are connected (as shown in the file), why???

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-09-28

    Since 3.5SP17 release this OPC UA Client exmaple is not really needed.
    Just add DataSource Manager is the recommended to have an easy OPC UA client solution.

    • weii - 2021-09-29

      I try to work.

  • mauda - 2021-09-29

    Dear eschwellinger,

    thank you for your Description. I try to connect to an Codesys OPC UA Server, which is running on a Raspberry Pi 4B, via the DataSource Manager. Everytime, when I want to connect with the server, I get the following Error-Diagnostics:

    "The server is not supporting the requested Message Security Mode or Security Policy - Error-ID: 7003"

    I am using the Server according the following instructions https://help.codesys.com/webapp/_cds_runtime_opc_ua_server;product=codesys;version= with certificates.

    The OPC UA Client is configured without any Security Mode or Security Policy - I tried every configuration - nothing worked.

    Can you provide some help for this problem?

    Thank you in Advance


    Last edit: mauda 2021-09-29
  • Thomas - 2021-09-29

    Dear Mauda,
    do you have configured the anonymos login:



    • mauda - 2021-10-01

      Dear Thomas,

      thank you for your help. After trying out this configuration for the device, I got the following error code:

      "Error in the OPC UA function BadDataUnavailable, Error-ID: 268468382".

      What is wrong with my configuration?

      I tried to connect with the UA Expert to verify my OPC UA Server Settings. It works without any problems!

      Thank you in Advance!

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-10-05

    attached a project example two PI's - communication with OPC UA - PI MC is OPCUA-Server PI SL is OPCUA-Client.


    Last edit: eschwellinger 2021-10-05
    • weii - 2021-10-07

      Dear eschwellinger,

      Which version is yours, please?
      My Visualation can't be run.

      My version is 3.5SP17


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