jmitchell - 2020-06-26

I'm rather new to using CODESYS, but not new PLCs and IDEs. I'm running CODESYS 3.0.15 on an OMRON CK3M motion cotroller. I handle my motion plcs in C with the CK3M IDE and my machine IO plcs in CODESYS. My question is what's a normal size Project in CODESYS? I don't want my project to be more "bloated" than it needs to be, but don't have anything to compare it to.

In my project info: The size shows 989.16 KB.
When I build the messages show 458944 bytes (458.944KB). I also see messages for contiguous memory gaps. I understand what the literal sense of the message means, but I how do I prevent this from happening in my project?

Thanks in advanced for any information provided.