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New to CODESYS - Unresolved reference

4 days ago
  • vaxman

    vaxman - 2022-07-28


    I am new to CODESYS and I have been having difficulties learning my way around the development system - I hope I am posting the in correct area.

    I am tying to create a Tcp Client using CODESYS installed and running on a Weintek HMI panel.
    I have the "CAA Net Base Services Library" installed and I am using the TCP function blocks. I created a singlel POU to perform a client connect.

    The project compiles, but when I attempt to download to the PLC I receive two errors:

    [FATAL ERROR] Unresolved reference: 'CAA_TASKLOCK'
    [FATAL ERROR] Unresolved reference: 'CAA_TASKUNLOCK'

    Not being familiar with the CODESYS environment, I am struggling to determine what I have missed and how to resolve. I can't even determine HOW to track this down.

    If anyone has any thoughts, I would appreciate your input.
    thank you.

  • vaxman

    vaxman - 4 days ago

    I have resolved this issue. The problem was caused by an outdated CODESYS on the Weintek panel. Once I updated the CODESYS, these issue went away.


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