chrismel - 2021-11-25

Hi guys,
I'm starting a project with a raspberry pi and MCP2515 CAN-module.

I've implemented code to open and send message to "can0" and apparently it work.

However, when I try to send more then 10 messages each 100ms, the module block all trasmission.

I've noticed CL2.CreateMessage(...., ....) return the error message "30112" I believe it is "queue error".

After that I tried to change the "txqueuelen" of the device using the command "ifconfig can0 txqueuelen 10000"
but the issue it's the same.

I can send little more than 20 messages for a few minutes before I generate the same error.

How do I transmit hundred messages on the CAN?
Should I change other settings on the raspberry?

I append the code I made to send messages.

Let me know if you have any advice to give me to make it work.

Thank you.