Wish to Drag and Drop test actions in the test manager

  • Bakkertje

    Bakkertje - 2015-12-22

    Hi Test Manager developers,

    By the Test Scripts overview of the test manager is it already possible to use "Drag and Drop" functionality.
    But by the test actions is this not possible and must the copy/cut/paste be used to move items.
    Please, add "Drag and Drop" functionality to move and copy (with Ctrl) test actions, calls, assignments, etc?

    Regards, Bakkertje

  • mkeller

    mkeller - 2016-01-07

    Hi Bakkertje.

    We already have an improvement listed in our Jira tracker TM-77 , so it will be implemented eventually.


  • Bakkertje

    Bakkertje - 2016-01-08

    Hi Martin,

    That's nice . Thanks for the information.

    Regards, Bakkertje


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