PFC200 - 8207 /IP Route and Port Forwarding via eCockpit

  • rhosseini

    rhosseini - 2020-01-03


    I have a PFC200 (750-8207) with 3G and would like to reach this controller for maintenance and reprogramming work via the cell phone connection. I want to create an IP table on the 8207 so that I could remotely revise my program through eCockpit. I would know which eCockpit ports are important for port forwarding? I read the manual: (11740: Codesys Port, 6626 WAGO Connection).
    For remote access, I first send an SMS with my cell phone to the controller, which then replies with an SMS that contains the current IP address. In Codesys V2 I use the current IP address + port.
    I can revise the program based on my IP table. (See Attachment)

    in Codesys V2 works without problems. But in eCockpit you cannot enter port. I can only enter an IP address in the fields and can not connect through PFC200 (750-8207) with 3G to other PLC (the 750-8207 can be connected)

    Thank you in advance for your efforts and I look forward to your feedback.

    IMG: CodesysV2.png

    IMG: eCockpit.JPG

  • asnik

    asnik - 2020-01-17

    With e!Runtime I used 11740 for remote access. 6626 is for IOCheck software as far as i know.


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