kberlin - 2011-03-29

I'm wondering about the plans for the CoDeSys V3 documentation, mainly for the development tool.

As far as I know the main documentation is in the form of the online help. This is not always a form that's very accessible and easy to read or get an overview of. Also it contains some errors (I try to send an error report to 3S support when I found them) and is not complete.

I understand that there are still things in progress and that there are many different interest groups that demand attention, i.e. SoftMotion, Safety, editors...

But what I would like to know is:

Will there be a PDF version of the documentation?
Will the CAA libraries be better documented? I'm thinking for example of CAA File.

One idea would be to have a CoDeSys Wiki. Perhaps with to main sections, one official from 3S and one with user-contributed material. Also, if such a thing comes to be - please make this English only! A big problem with the forum(s) is the fragmentation into different languages.

Does anyone else have any ideas or comments?

Thank you,
Kristian Berlin