New Ladder Diagram conversion does not work due to missing features

  • matthew - 2024-01-28


    It looks like in the new ladder there is no way to remove unused FB call parameters or update the function block?

    It's quite often where you have a function block with multiple uses and not all the parameters are required.

    Need the ability to leave an input/output blank without getting an compile error Expression expected instead of ''

    Also double clicking on the FB no longer opens the underlying FB code and view what it was doing online.

    Dragging and dropping a variable does not work, only using the selection works.

    Will these be available in the V1.0 release or just best to stick to the old ladder until it's available?



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  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2024-01-29

    The "remove unused" parameters have been added to 1.0 version as well as the "manual" removal of pins... also allowed "empty" inputs for blocks is in and the compile error described there should no longer occurs.
    Drag drop of variables is not yet implemented and I don't think the double-click feature yet either.

    • matthew - 2024-01-31

      Thanks for the update, Since you can't double click is there another way to enter the FB when online and see the running code of that instance?

      When can we expect to see v1.0?

      • matthew - 2024-02-09

        Hi @eschwellinger,

        I have been trying out v1.0 of the new ladder and have a few questions.

        I have warnings Expression or part of it has no effect I can't get rid of them, what do they exactly mean?

        Using the ST_Block, is there a way when online to open the ST_Block and view the running code?


    • matthew - 2024-05-14

      Hi @eschwellinger Just wondering if there is any update when the Expression or part of it has no effect will be fixed?

      Also have the ability to open an FB when online and offline. It would also be great to be able to view the ST code block when online.

  • RasPi-User - 2024-02-10

    Hi @eschwellinger,
    Is the PinGroup attribute no longer supported?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2024-05-14

    please send project archive and steps to repeat to - my question in the CODESYS store


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